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"To us is been an honor privilege to have the means to give a little bit of heaven to the children in the orphanage in India our brother's Hans have big heart and trusting in the Lord for a bigger & better school.. All I can say is that GOD is so amazing capable of using us from the other side of the world to share our LOVE. Blessings to you all.. & thank you Hans Family for such of remarkable Job... We couldn't of done it without you!!!"  -  Peter and Alma Castro

"We give because we believe tithing is an act of worship to God. We also believe that it is also important not to store up riches here on earth, but to allow the blessings of finances that God has given us to be a blessing to others. This is why we give to Future and a Hope Ministries. The work that Christina and Philips are doing is important work for the Kingdom of Heaven, and we want to support what the Lord is doing through them."  -  Chris and Rose Males

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Why we give, giving back.

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"It is a privilege to be able to participate in this great blessing when the world is in such chaos. FAAHM is committed to the call of GOD. James 1:27 NLT
This is why i'm blessed to give." - Jose & Natalie Hernandez  

"Future And A Hope Ministries is making a good good difference!! So glad to be a part of giving to this Ministry, even if it can only be done in a small way, F.A.A.H.M. makes it seem BIG!!!"  - Mrs. Morrison