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From the villages of India to the major cities, there are millions of people waiting to hear that they can be forgiven of their sins and be miraculously connected to God!

Pastors' evangelistic training hosted by  F.A.A.H.M.

Indian pastors and evangelists are seeing many people coming to the Lord through the good news of Jesus Christ!

One of Future And A Hope Ministries' purposes is to support pastors and evangelists who are native to, and serving in India.


make a difference. . . for eternity 

Support in the form of:

Training Seminars, Evangelist Support. Education and Medical expense for ministers' families, transportation i.e. motorcycles for ministry visits, church building and parsonage construction, renovation, and expansion, as well as supplemental support to other N.G.O.s who serve widows and the poor.  

Ministering in the villages.