Future And A Hope Ministries Inc.

"I was once a child"

A "Where Needed Most"

donation allows us the

freedom of using your donation,

in whatever area is needed, for

us to complete and expand our work of protecting children. 

Between 2009 and 2016

We tested our family-like model of care. Here are two of the results:​

We are launching our efforts in an

undisclosed location in Asia. 

When not just thousands, but millions of children in Asia have lost both parents

or are abandoned to the streets due to poverty, social oppression, or other family issues,


We are currently in the process of getting accurate estimates for this. Our preliminary estimate is 1 million 200 thousand.   

This goal can be reached with a combination of:

40 donors giving $25.00 per month,
20 donors giving $50.00 per month,
10 donors giving $100.00 per month

Send the team to build the dream! 

Build a house, buy an acre, create a safe loving environment for children who need a loving home by donating to the Land and Building Fund. 

Future And A Hope Ministries Inc. 

PO Box 13625 
San Diego, CA 92170-3625

Examples of this would include important office and legal expenses, urgent medical intervention for rescued children, raising awareness, staff training, etc.  

Supporting our coordinating team gives them the ability to move to, and live in, Asia.

There, along with our partners in Asia, they will coordinate and manage our charity's ability to serve and rescue homeless children. Your faithful recurring contributions will make it possible!

     and to:

  • Care for them sustainably 
  • Help them set goals and reach them
  • Give them the shelter of a family-like environment 
  • ​Inspire them to make a difference
  • Reconnect them to their own families when possible 

Goal: $3,000.00 Per Month

A note from our founder Christina Hans:

"I grew up in San Diego California.

At the time, I did not know that I would someday begin the work of helping children overseas.

As a matter of fact, it seemed like it would never be the case. Whenever I heard a story about a dedicated person choosing to go overseas to be a benefit to others, inside I strongly feared to go. It sounded so uncomfortable and sometimes scary and dangerous. 

Later at the age of 13, I was truly inspired while watching a special TV show that told the story of a little boy who wanted to be adopted.  

There was a triumphant ending where the little boy joyfully ran into the arms of his new dad!

From that moment on, it became a true desire of mine to help children who long for security to be placed in a loving family. 

Fast forward to my early adulthood and you'll find me beginning to understand where this desire should be fulfilled.

Now we have begun our work in Asia. We are going forward to make our impact larger and stronger. 

You joining us with your finances is what helps us to expand so we can make a difference for more children.

It truly is an honor for us to work on your behalf to make the world a better place for the valuable but unprotected small ones among us" - Christina Hans, Founder.

When Joshua and Emma first came to us along with two of their siblings, they had been abandoned by their grandparents. Although someone had taken them in, they still had to beg door to door for food. We were able to make a difference in their lives by giving a stable home, healthy food and education. They were able to go to school steadily for the first time in their lives and recover from chronic illnesses due to malnutrition. 

There are many more sweet and vulnerable children that we can rescue from the dangers of slavery, abuse,

and exploitation on the streets.

With your help, many of them will be rescued. 

Make a difference

For children:
Stop human trafficking
Give education
Restore health
Prevent child labor