Welcome House Children's Villages TM

A place for children to heal and nutrition to grow!

A way to help orphans and the surrounding community through nutritious food and education. 

Donating & partnering

designed to make a difference

Uplifting the lives of children through

Education and Sustainable Agriculture.   

​Endorsed by:

FAAHM Founders Philips and Christina Hans holding a precious malnourished child in India. 

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Let your money be used as power for rescue!

Make a difference with us.  

UNICEF has estimated that over 18 million children live and work on the streets and railway stations of India.

They experience danger, lack of food and educational opportunities.

Traditional orphanages are not the best solution for them. 

Children need more than food and shelter. Our Welcome House Children's Villages TM will provide    the "more" that they need. 

The​ need for change