One-time Moving Costs: $15,000.00

For Bitcoin donations, please make your donation and then email us so we can acknowledge you.

This goal can be reached with a combination of:

40 donors giving $25.00 per month,

20 donors giving $50.00 per month,

10 donors giving $100.00 per month

Supporting our coordinating team gives them the ability to move to, and live in, Asia. 
There, along with our partners in Asia, they will coordinate and manage our charity's ability to serve and rescue homeless children. Your faithful recurring contributions will make it possible!

Your Gifts Matter

For donations over 10,000 please mail your gift by check to our office.
This will prevent the loss of a percentage of your gift to credit/debit transaction fees which could be significant on larger gifts.

Future And A Hope Ministries Inc.
PO Box 13625 San Diego, CA 92170-3625

All donations are tax decuutable. 

Thank you for choosing to make a difference for children with us! 

A "Where Needed Most" donation allows us the freedom of using your donation, in whatever area is needed, for us to complete and expand our work of protecting children. 

Total development and construction over 5 years to care for 300.00 children: 2m 340k

All gifts are tax deductible.  

Future And A Hope Ministries Inc. 

PO Box 13625 
San Diego, CA 92170-3625

Land 30 acres $1,500,000.00

$50,000.00 buys one acre.

Examples of this would include important office and legal expenses, urgent medical intervention for rescued children, raising awareness, staff training, etc.  

School $80,000.00

$9,000 buys three classrooms.

Build a house, buy an acre, create a safe loving environment for children who need a loving home by donating to the Land and Building Fund. 

Goal: $3,000.00 Per Month

1 two-story, two-family home 

housing 24 children $60,000.00 

$3,500.00 buys one cheerful cozy bedroom.

Bitcoin is also accepted.

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Future And A Hope Ministries Inc.

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