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What do we do in India?

Due to various tragic factors, over 18 million children in India have found themselves on the streets, fending for themselves to survive. Many are sucked into lives of crime and exploitation all because there is no adequate social net. This is often due to religiously held misconceptions and prejudices against even the most innocent of the poor.

We are committed to making it our life’s work to feed, educate, and uplift children in need, giving them loving family support, a future and a hope.

Our background in children’s ministry, our personal experience as parents, and what we learned from our first small children’s home in India have all equipped us to effectively impact and rescue the lives of the children we are passionately dedicated to reaching.

Philips Hans is from Punjab India.

Christina Hans is from California

in the United States.  

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Hello, we are Philips and Christina Hans. We are humanitarian workers and founders of Future And A Hope Ministries Inc.

Our heart is to make a difference in North India.

Our friends and family consider us to be knowledgeable, genuine and compassionate. We just think of ourselves as people who care, who want to use all the talents and blessings we have to make a big impact in this world.

We have set up this website to inform people, like you, about the work we are doing, what we learn along the way and to give others the opportunity to join us and make a difference!

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What we have learned

Street Children in India