our pilot home, foster care

In 2009 we launched our pilot home, Welcome House for Children in the state of Punjab in northern India. 

Our first children were a set of homeless siblings. 

Because we chose the small family operating model over the large institutional orphanage model, our children have had a chance to re-connect with a sense of family. 

Future And A Hope Ministries was able to not only feed and educate these precious abandoned children, but to litereally save their lives through our donors support that allowed us to provide for their medical needs.

Parveen and Jyoti. at their school's "fancy dress day"

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And although it was our plan to raise the children into adulthood, while we were making a difference, back home their family was being strengthened in every way.

After 7 years with F.A.A.H.M. our first children were successfully reunited with their family.

They are equipped with important skills for life that their illiterate family would have never been able to, or consider important enough to provide.