Moringa Oleifera

From our Pilot home 2009-2016

Outreach to poor families with free Moringa trees is how we will help to curb the terrible malnourishment experienced by the children in the community. 

With a family setting of individual homes, instead of a large institutional building, the children will receive the emotional support they need to thrive and develop naturally. The Permaculture Farm will serve, not only to improve the health and the development of poor children in the community where we will operate, but to strengthen the children in our care against the ravages of disease that is common to children who have experienced chronic malnourishment. 

We will also have a school that will serve our children and the children of the community.

What we have Learned, foster care

Future And A Hope Ministries Inc. single family home Design.

Earthbag home, Haiti.

"Here's a picture of me when I began my education in sustainable agriculture at Wild Willow Farm in San Diego, California in 2017. Please join us in our work. Become a donor today!" 
Founder, Christina Hans

Having a Permaculture farm is how we will meet our children’s unique nutritional needs.

An ecological design using earthbag construction is planned for the school and Welcome House Children's Villages TM 


"With the experience we gained, and the lessons we learned, we are raising funds to have our own property in India where we can do our work on a larger scale to help more children find a life of peace and hope."  - Christina Hans

  • A family environment is needed,
  • Health restoring nutrition is needed, 
  • Caring support for education is needed. 

Christina volunteering at a school during music class, North India 2007. 

Future And A Hope Ministries’ school and Welcome House Children’s Villages TM are planned with the whole child in mind. Beyond just food and shelter, we seek to provide an intimate family setting where orphaned and abandoned children can have their needs for love and belonging realized.

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Problems such as:
Susceptibility to disease due to chronic malnutrition.
Lack of education due to the need to work at an early age.
Narrow plans for their future due to a lack of guidance and good role models.
Behavioral problems due to trauma or deprivation they have suffered in their lives.

Many children entering children’s homes suffer from various issues. We have learned that these issues can be greatly remedied by dedicated, caring people with the right knowledge and resources.


Example earthbag school construction, Nepal.

"It is vital that those who work with the children understand their unique needs, and are trained to provide stability, love, and structure to their lives.

An orphanage or boarding school style institution is not helpful in meeting the children’s need for emotional support and guidance. For this reason we choose to place children with trained and loving houseparents who will care for no more than 10 children per dwelling. That is why we will build “Welcome House Children's Villages 
TM”- Christina Hans


Founder Christina Hans with the children we served

between 2009-2016